Behavioural Innovation


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Steven Johnson is Considered. Building on a decade’s worth of behaviour change, planning and brand consultancy experience I work with brands and agencies to drive growth through sustainability, social impact and purpose.


My approach is based on a belief that business and brand can be—and should be—a force for positive change in the world. Market forces related to sustainability and purpose are emerging at every link of the value chain. By embracing these trends as opportunities for innovation, I help brands generate value, build resilience and drive innovation.


Considered consultancy projects cover brand articulation, strategy development, communications and behaviour change.  Experience in these areas is drawn from a vast range of sustainability and social impact projects delivered in public, private and third sector contexts.

Considered training workshops package this experience and expertise into intensive interactive professional development workshops and programmes covering behaviour change, brand purpose and impact, co-creation and social innovation.

Considered thought Leadership includes regular writing commissions, speaking engagements and seminars. I am a columnist for (amongst others) the Guardian’s Sustainable Business section and the author of Considered Creative, an upcoming book on the role of brand, advertising and design in driving positive change.



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