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Collaborative Change®   

Considered_ consultancy is complemented by the work of our sister company, Collaborative Change®—an award-winning team of trans-disciplinary researchers, designers and behaviour change practitioners delivering on-the-ground interventions across the UK, Europe and North America.

This relationship ensures that Considered_ consultancy remains rooted in grass-roots, frontline behaviour change work within communities. It also means that, where appropriate, clients have access to industry leading research, design and implementation capability to ensure strategy and delivery are executed seamlessly and in the most cost-effective manner.


About Collaborative Change

Collaborative Change® is a participatory approach to innovation and behaviour change, driven by the power of co-design™. It is being applied by public, private and third sector organisations to drive inclusive, effective and sustainable innovation across a variety of contexts.

It combines co-design and empowerment principles and is based on the simple principle that effective, sustainable change must come from within – the individual, the community, the organisation.

Based on the work of multi-disciplinary social research and design unit, The Hub, Collaborative Change aims to make the power of co-design available for a wider range of applications by a wider range of people, including:

•  Research & Insight
•  Behaviour Change
•  Stakeholder Engagement
•  Community Engagement
•  Organisational change
•  Team building
•  Employee Engagement
•  Innovation / NPD
•  Training

Indigenous Innovation™

Bringing together co-design principles and the latest thinking from the behavioural sciences, CollaborativeChange® empowers stakeholders— citizens, consumers, communities and employees—to inspire, initiate and own positive innovation. It leverages co-design principles to engage stakeholders in a creative process, enabling them to develop and deliver ‘indigenous innovation’—innovation defined and driven by those who use it.


As a proprietary system of concepts, tools and processes, Collaborative Change provides a platform for a wide range of applications. Stakeholders could be consumers of a brand, residents of a community or members of a corporate team. The innovation could be a behaviour change intervention, a brand strategy or an organisational change programme. It can be commissioned, taught and embedded. It can be used to research, engage and innovate. It delivers actionable insights, stakeholder buy-in and groundbreaking ideas.

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