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A Behavioural Insights Smash Course for Local Authorities

Nudge, Behavioural Insights and local authorities

Behavioural Insights and ‘Nudge’ techniques are being used extensively across central government and the commercial sector. This approach has shown time and again how small changes can significantly reduce costs and increase revenue. Over recent years our work has shown how these techniques can be used address challenges specific to local authorities.

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Lancashire County Council: Road safety

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NHS Blackpool: Illicit tobacco

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Now that we have increased awareness of illicit tobacco how can we trigger a normative shift?

Building on a pan-regional intervention developed by The Hub to raise awareness of the dangers of illicit tobacco, our team began to explore more direct approaches by piloting community-based interventions in Blackpool and Salford.

Social norms

Both the evidence base and our own direct experience showed that the sale, purchase and consumption of illicit tobacco are deeply ingrained behaviours, embedded in community culture and social norms.

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