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Steven is a writer, speaker and freelance creative consultant specialising in behaviour change, sustainability, and social innovation. He is also a D&AD Trustee, founder of the Considered_ movement and author of an upcoming book—’Considered Creative’.

Over the last decade he has been responsible for leading insight and design on a vast range of social and behaviour change projects addressing public health and sustainability issues. Working with private, public and third sector clients across the UK, Europe and North America his work has received recognition from the Design Business Association, IPA, AHC, D&AD, How-Do and the German Design Council.


Steven speaks regularly on behaviour change, social design and sustainability issues and advises a range of industry bodies and educational institutions on social change and sustainability issues. As a D&AD trustee he is working to embed responsibility into the organisation’s growth strategy and shape the future of the White Pencil movement. 

When not working Steven focuses on the infinitely more daunting behaviour change challenge presented by his two young daughters. He is married to Helen and lives in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire.

About Collaborative Change

Collaborative Change is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy established by Steven Johnson in 2011. It’s team works exclusively on pro-social behaviour change projects, applying the co-design methodologies developed by Steven over the course of his career.

All the company’s projects are built around the simple principle that sustainable change must come from within—the individual, the community the organisation. Combining co-design and empowerment principles with the rigour of social marketing and the latest insights from the behavioural sciences, the team develops robust, evidence-based interventions that reduce inequality, raise aspiration and build social capital.

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